Join Gabrielle Maston (Exercise Physiologist and Registered Dietitian), Katrina Mills (Registered Dietitian) and Jason Jarred for the Nutrition Hacks & Serious Training Podcast.

Regular weekly interviews with health & fitness experts, fun segments such as “Fact or Crap” where you can test your knowledge around exercise and nutrition based myths, and brief reviews of current news articles, scientific literature and trends in the fitness industry.

All episodes are archived below.




Nuts-4-Hearts-jar-640x445Nuts for Hearts & Chronic Back Pain

May 29, 2015
In this episode, we cut across to an event hosted by Nuts For Life Australia, where I interview Professor Linda Tapsell. Professor Tapsell shares with us her key findings from the  research on nut consumption and health. Then we cut across to Josh Zadro from Active Life Physiotherapy, he is currently doing his Phd research […Read More]


Why-is-pelvic-floor-important--788x445Activating Pelvic Floor

May 22, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 21:55 – ‘Muscle Activation Therapy’
In this episode, we discuss nutrient timing for general health and sports performance; is nutrient timing important and should you be doing it? Flex Physio strength and conditioning coach Jessica Maguire, is back to give us some handy hints on the exercising the pelvic floor. Exercise physiologist Jason Jarred, debunks MAT (muscle activation therapy), in his […Read More]

Secrets-From-The-Eating-Lab-788x445Secrets from the Eating Lab

May 15, 2015
In this episode, Katrina Mills explores what’s Hot or Not with the Pegan diet. I interview Professor of psychology Traci Mann; about her new book Secrets From The Eating Lab and my student dietitian Hannah Brown is back with her Snap Chat questions. Want to purchase the book? Find it on Amazons here.     Check […Read More]

Lifting-The-Lid-640x445Mental Health – Lifting the Lid

May 08, 2015
Full feature with Jason Jarred, Gabrielle Maston and Katrina Mills, discussing the issues surrounding mental health and interactions with nutrition and exercise.
In this episode, Jason Jarred, Katrina Mills and I gather around the mental health round table, to lift the lid on depression and anxiety. Find out how exercise and nutrition can improve your mood and assist you recovery from depression and anxiety. In the news this week, I talk about my new clinic at Body […Read More]

Physiotherapy-788x445The Role of Physiotherapy in the War

April 30, 2015
In this episode, I talk to Australian Physiotherapy Association CEO Cris Massis about the role of physiotherapy in the war as we commemorate ANZAC day. Meanwhile, in The News I talk about the importance of vaccination. We then tune into a conference I attended this week, where I bumped into a few colleagues from work. We talk about a […Read More]

Chronic-pain--788x445Chronic Pain, Rehab & Winter Sports

April 23, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 34:43 – Fact or Crap: Exercise & Injury
In this episode, I interview physiotherapist Jessica Maguire about how to deal with chronic pain and osteoarthritis.  I give you a bit of an insight on how to prepare for your winter adventures on the slopes by getting your nutrition right for winter sports. Exercise physiologist Jason Jarred does his usual Fact or Crap segment about exercise and […Read More]

Michael-Klim1-788x445Legendary Michael Klim & Men’s Health

April 16, 2015
In this episode head pool side to meet Michael Klim at the very first Legendairy  Swim Series for Dairy Australia. Michael is one of Australia’s former gold medal and world record holder in swimming. Find out what he used to eat for Breakfast pre Olympic games (5.30). Joel Feren dietitian from http://www.heartynutrition.com.au comes on to […Read More]

Ecofriendly-round-table-788x445Eco-Friendly Round Table

April 09, 2015
Full feature with Jason, Gabby and Katrina discussing the issues surrounding ecological sustainability and the interrelation with nutrition and various other issues.
Today’s episode is the Eco-Friendly Round Table of all things eco friendly. My two side kicks Katrina Mills and Jason Jarred  join the round table to discuss how to save the plant through our fridges and physical activity patterns. Don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes or  tweet me a message! Check out this episode! Transcript Jase and Katrina […Read More]

Arthrtis-plant-based-diets-788x445Arthritis & Plant Based Diets

April 03, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 17:05 – Fact or Crap: Core Abdominal Muscles
In this episode, I interview dietitian Chole McLeod who shares with us the benefits of plant based diets for autoimmune conditions, in particular osteoarthritis. Jason Jarred comes on the show to talk about core abdominals as we play Fact or Crap. I answer a listener question from Melanie on FB: I’m lactose in tolerant due to IBS […Read More]

bone-density-788x445Bone Density & Composition Testing

March 26, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 40:07 – News Article: Are Smartphones Ruining Your Sleep? (And Exercise Related Problems)
In this episode we explore the dietary guidelines from around the world. I interview Mike Turner Sports Medicine & DEXA Applications Specialist about Dexa scans and how they can be used to measure bone density and body composition. Exercise physiologist Jason Jerrad also joins me on the show to discuss smart phones and how they […Read More]

Promise-or-pay-raw-food-788x445Promise or Pay

March 19, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 34:14News Article: Faecal Matter Transplants – Could They Actually Cause Obesity?
In this episode I interview Jay Boolkin about his new website promise or pay. So if your looking for some accountability to achieve your health and wellness goals like running a marathon or taking the dog for a daily walk, you may want to listen up. I also speak to my sidekick Katrina Mills from […Read More]

Virtual-training-788x445Virtual Training & Hot Diet News

March 13, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 11:55 – Interview: Second Life and Virtual Gyms – LuAnne Phillips, Leia Kedem, Jason Jarred
In todays episode we have heaps to cover! Firstly we will address the Pete Evans babba yum yum scandal, I interview Jase from methodworks.fitness.com with his colleges from virtual training gym. Lia, Lu ann and Jase are doing fantastic things online in the virtual training space. Todays hot or not diet we are doing to […Read More]

Pre-Post-Natal-Exercise-1-788x445Pre & Post Natal Exercise

March 05, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 36:55 – News Article: “Is Too Much Exercise As Bad As No Exercise At All?”
In todays episode I start the show by answering a listener question. Do single foods make you fat? I then interview Ashleigh O’Donnel from Pilates X Australia she is an exercise physiologist with a passion for helping mums get back into shape.  Katrina Mills gives us the low down on the hot Mediterranean diet and […Read More]

Pre-Post-natal-788x445Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

Feb 25, 2015
In this episode I cover how bacon is not a super food. Dietitian Meg McClintock from http://www.choosenutrition.com.au comes on the show to discuss all you need to know about pre and postnatal nutrition.  Meg explains how our relationship with our body directly impacts our relationship with food. She encourages listeners to move away from being […Read More]

Healthy-@-Every-Size-640x445Healthy at Every Size

Feb 20, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 33:50 – Fact or Crap: Cardiovascular Exercise
In this episode discuss bone broth and how it the claims around arthritis and leaky gut don’t stack up with the science. I interview Fiona Sutherland the dietitian from http://www.bodypositiveaustralia.com.au Fiona talks about to put into practice mindful eating, she touches on the non dieting approach to nutrition, building a better relationship with what we […Read More]

Buttered-toast-541x445Saturated Fat & Insulin Resistance

Feb 13, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 22:55 – Fact or Crap: Resistance & Cardio Exercise
In this episode I speak with Dr Jessica Hughes Neurosciences lecturer and researcher from the school of medical sciences at Wollongong University. Jess explains how saturated fat may cause insulin resistance. Saturated fat increases ceramide production, which in turn affects our cells. She also explains that exercise decreases ceramide production and may counteract the intake […Read More]

Screenshot_029Metabolic Fitness Testing

Feb 05, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 28: 30 – News Article: Resistance Training to Control Belly Fat
In this episode we explore ways to test metabolism and body fat levels. I also cover an important question- Do you need to worry about BMI?    I interview Mike TurnerSports Medicine & DEXA Applications Specialist  from http://www.inmed.com.au. Mike showed me around how to use testing equipment to determine if some one is a fat […Read More]

Sally-Marchini-788x445Managing Type 1 Diabetes

Jan 29, 2015
In today episode I interview Sally Marchini www.marchininutrition.com  who is a dietitian and active member of the Australian Diabetes Council and Coeliac Australia. She shares her personal experience Coeliac and type 1diabetic mixed in with her professional recommendations on how to mange type 1 diabetes.   Type 1 diabetes is a genetic condition that can only […Read More]

Screenshot_0892015 Fitness Predictions

Jan 22, 2015
Jason’s Segment at 01:30 – ACSM Exercise/Fitness Predictions
Today I may side kicks here to help me sift through nutrition and fitness trends for this year. I love making predictions don’t you? Find out what’s hot or not in 2015 and what you need to look out for if you want to avoid pointless fads. Don’t forget to connect with us:  Jason & […Read More]

Screenshot_069-598x445The Worlds Fittest Man

Jan 21, 2015
Today I am interviewing Joe Decker Guiness world record holder for the “Worlds fittest man”. Joe is a personal trainer who runs his own business called “gut check fitness” visit his website gutcheckfitness.com  He shares with us some of this training secrete and how he competing in a gruelling running event through Death Valley.  To […Read More]

Screenshot_024Coeliac Disease & Gluten Free Diets

Jan 18, 2015
In todays episode I interview Dietitian Sally Marchini http://www.marchininutrition.com  She is an active member of the Australian Diabetes Council and Coeliac Australia. She shares her personal experience Coeliac and type 1diabetic mixed in with her professional recommendations on how to mange Coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune genetic condition that can only be treated […Read More]

Screenshot_007Animal Flow

Jan 08, 2015
PODCAST They say a new breed of athlete is quickly emerging. One that is no longer satisfied with bench pressing and squatting in the gym. No they prefer to focus on how well they can defy gravity. Carving a perfectly symmetrical physique from lifting their own body weight. Today I interview Mike Fitch, Founder and President […Read More]

Screenshot_0031Smart People Don’t Diet

Jan 03, 2015
Thinking about starting a new diet as a New Years resolution? Think again, after years of research Dr Charlotte N. Markey, Ph.D. http://www.smartpeopledontdiet.com is a professor of psychology at Rutgers University at Camden has found that diets are a fruitless exercise. In her book Smart people don’t diet, she explains the psychology behind dieting and why […Read More]

Screenshot_095Mind Set & Goal Setting

Dec 26, 2014
Today we interview Wendy Bently who is a mind set coach and published author. Her book “Stepping into your remarkable” is designed to teach you all the necessary steps it takes to changing your life and achieving great things. You will learn why thoughts are so powerful; it may even help you achieve up and coming […Read More]

Screenshot_024-788x445Bullet Proof Coffee & Fasting Basics

Dec 26, 2014
This is my very first podcast so let me give you the low down about what I do and I started podcasting. You will walk away from this episode with a good understanding on why the Bulletproof coffee trend is not such a good idea and why has fasting diets got people talking. If you’re […Read More]

New Years & Myth Busting

Dec 24, 2014
In todays episode we are going to be myth busting some serious nutrition urban legends with Professor Tim Crowe from http://www.thinkingnutrition.com.au and discussing a news worthy fitness article with my friend Jase from http://www.methodworksfitness.com . Last but not least I’m going to cover how to tackle those pesky New Years resolutions.  Lots of nutrition and […Read More]


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